About 9Adar

Conflict exists. The question is – can we conduct our conflicts constructively?

How can Jewish texts and values, as well as contemporary conflict resolution theories and practices, help us to balance different needs, values, and ideologies in a healthy manner?

9Adar seeks to transform a day of destructive conflict in Jewish history into the Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict, thereby strengthening the Jewish culture of healthy disagreement known as “disputes for the sake of Heaven” (Machloket Leshem Shamayim). 9Adar is commemorated during the week leading up to the 9th of Adar (February 28, 2015). Read more…

Ways to Act

There are 18 different ways you or your organization can participate in 9Adar. These include commemorating the day with traditional customs like praying and donating, studying and teaching, and practicing constructive conflict in your personal, workplace and communal lives. Read more…

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By signing up, you will join a network of people with similar interests and locale. You will receive resources and information on 9Adar, how to participate or run a program and the latest updates about what is going on in your area.  In addtion. you will be directed towards relevant Facebook Groups where you can share ideas, resources and network with regard to holding/promoting events.  In 2014, over 65 organizations participated in 9Adar, with activities including sharing relevant words of Torah, teaching conflict resolution skills, fasting from destructive speech and many more.